SoCal Baptist Ministries is an outgrowth of the work of the First Baptist Church of Norwalk, California. In the 1970’s First Baptist created a separate nonprofit for the purpose of the development of a retirement center on property located next door to the church. That center was called Norwalk Christian Towers, and for almost 40 years it provided hundreds of low income seniors a place to live at very affordable prices.

The board of Norwalk Christian Towers decided to sell the property to an organization that was better equipped to renovate and operate the property for the benefit of low income seniors. The sale of the property was completed in 2013.

The board then reorganized Norwalk Christian Towers into SoCal Baptist Ministries with the express intent of assisting California Southern Baptist churches and affiliated religious organizations with financial aid for short term ministry and mission projects.    

If there is some way we can assist your ministry, we welcome your inquiry.  First Baptist has a long and distinguished history, and so did Norwalk Christian Towers. SoCal Ministries is just another chapter of their story.

If you are interested in applying for a ministry or missions grant please go to our Grant Application Form.